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After nine decades, woman finally finds family, sees father’s face

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A 93-year-old is getting used to the idea of having siblings thanks to the work of a team of volunteers.

For years, the woman had no clue what her father looked like, or that he had other children, until now.

Margie O’Meara searched for her father for years.

“My mother never said much about him; I don’t think it was a very friendly divorce,” Margie said.

He left O’Meara, her mom and older sister, when she was only 6-months-old.

So, she asked her friend Jane Fisher and another volunteer for help.

“She got busy, and found that she had a brother living, and she thought three sister,” Fisher said.

Fisher helped Margie write a letter to her half-brother Chet, missing him by only a week.

“By the time my letter got to him, he died,” Margie told reporters.

But a response came from Chet’s oldest son, Victor.

“My nephew wrote me the nicest letter, he just was so happy,” Margie said. He said, ‘I’d love to have another aunt.'”

“I told him I had never seen a picture of my father, and he sent me a picture of my father, and a picture of my half-brother and two half-sisters,” Margie added.

After 93 long years, Margie finally saw the face of her father, Warren White.

And suddenly, she had two new sisters from her father’s second marriage: One in Lamoni, and one is Des Moines, and a new nephew, victor in Bennington, Nebraska.

“It was really something,” Bonnie Silver said.  “Because I had no idea. You know, I was really surprised.”

It was a big discovery for Margie’s half-sister Bonnie, who also spent years trying to find siblings from their dad’s first marriage.

“A long time ago, something slipped out from somebody that we might have a couple of sisters, but we never heard any more about it,” Silver explained.

Margie and her new family are now planning a long overdue reunion, years in the making.