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Men mistake human remains for mannequin, take body to dump


FLORIDA – Workers hired to clean out a vacant house in Florida, threw out what they thought was a mannequin.

Turns out, it was a body!

Fred Simerson didn’t know much about his neighbor, Jeremy Whitfoth.

“He moved out a week later and I haven’t seen him since,” Fred said.

That was a while ago, so Fred thought.

But for sometime, Whitfoth has been right there in the garage across the street.

That is until Thursday, when two men hired by the landlord showed up to work.

“I saw the garage door open so I figured they have there hands full because when I looked inside the garage, it was full man,” Fred said.

There was plenty inside including trash and rodents.

Perhaps that’s what the men thought they smelled when they found Whitfoth.

“They thought that he was a Halloween type prop or mannequin that was left hanging in the garage as a cruel hoax by the former tenants for the landlord,” Sheriff Al Neinhuis said.

Convinced it was just a mannequin, the men took the body to the west Hernando transfer station – where people can dump household items.

They told workers there their mannequin theory.

But they realized the mannequin was actually Whitfoth.

Investigators say Whitfoth took his life. They say they found a suicide note with his body.

Until the medical examiner does an autopsy, they can only estimate how long Whitfoth was in the garage.



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