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Shocking: Mom dies after children ignored rotting legs

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Memphis, TN (WREG) – An elderly woman’s daughter faces charges, after the woman was found abused and neglected, to the point her legs were rotting away.

Rose Fayne is charged with elder abuse and neglect after her 77-year-old mother, Betty Cleveland, was found with horrible injuries.

We have learned Betty Cleveland has died, though it is not clear if it is related to her injuries.

Wade Jackson lives just two doors down from Fayne in the 3700 block of Joslyn and said he never would have expected her to be arrested.

“From everything I saw from them, just passing and waving and seeing them at the mailbox, they seemed like nice people,” Jackson said.

Police said Fayne called Crossroads Hospice to take care of Cleveland.

When Crossroads arrived, an affidavit showed Cleveland was so neglected and in such bad shape they called an ambulance.

Cleveland was taken to Methodist North where she later died.

A report showed her legs burst open and were rotting from the inside out.

“It is a shock to me to hear about something like that happening down there,” Jackson said.

WREG tried asking Crossroads hospice about the situation, but they said they could not comment.

Neighbors were oblivious, because they never even saw Cleveland.

“I didn’t know any one else lived there except Rose and her husband,” Jackson said.

Jackson said he is horrified to learn what the elderly woman was suffering through behind closed doors.

“I wouldn’t wish that on anybody, especially on your parent,” he said, shaking his head. “I just can’t see you neglecting your parent. I can’t see it.”

The same report shows Cleveland had other injuries as well.