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Craigslist Killings: Male victim was decapitated, head still missing

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WYOMING, Mich. — A Michigan police chief is releasing disturbing new information regarding a triple murder and suicide that has a Craigslist connection.

WMXI Fox 17 reports that Wyoming, Mich. Police Chief James Carmody described the events that led to the murders of Brooke Slocum, who was eight months pregnant, Charles Oppenneer, and their unborn child, and the suicide of Brady Oestrike.

Police say it all began with an arrangement made on Craigslist to meet for sex between Oestrike and Slocum with Oppenneer present.

According to WMXI Fox 17,  investigators say Brady Oestrike strangled Slocum after he held her captive for a period of time.

Her body was found int he truck of Oestrike’s car.

See the timeline of events here.

Chief Carmody also disclosed that after Oppenneer’s body was found, the head was missing, and it remains missing.

Investigators describe Oestrike’s residence as ‘hellish’, as more than 400 items involving restraints, firearms, cameras, and knives were discovered.

No motive has been determined.

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