High-tech treadmill helps reduce impact on patient’s lower body


A piece of equipment that was engineered by NASA is giving some patients their legs and their lives back.

If you’ve been injured or are in rehab, high-tech treadmills are helping some patients return to their normal life faster.

The ‘Alter G’ is not just any treadmill.

“Oh, it’s wonderful because I know I can’t fall. I’m supported everywhere,” said Nancy Markey.

Nancy has fallen several times and was to the point where she was afraid to walk on her own.

“In just three tries, yes, I can tell a difference,” she said.

Before she used the anti-gravity treadmill, astronauts did.

NASA engineers originally designed the equipment to help astronauts reintroduce themselves to gravity after being in outer space.

“Oh, I love it. My knees don’t hurt,” said Markey.

The anti-gravity treadmill uses differential air pressure to reduce the impact on a patient’s lower body.

Cameras are also placed around the treadmill so therapists can watch the patient’s feet and make corrections as needed.

The treadmill costs $4,700 but there are four rehabilitation facilities in the metro that have the treadmill on hand.