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Left for dead: Officials find seven pets abandoned, trapped in crates

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YUKON, Okla. - Wet, cold and covered in fleas; that's how workers say a group of animals were discovered in Canadian County last week.

Authorities say seven animals were locked in cages and left to die in Yukon.

Richard Barnett says it happens all the time in this area.

Animals are abandoned and left to roam the rural country roads in Yukon.

"They should do something else with them other than just drop them off in the middle of nowhere and let them fend for themselves," said Barnett.

Barnett says that's exactly how his family found their dog, Buddy.

However, officials say this is one of the worst cases of abandonment they have seen.

"Dumping  them out in the middle of nowhere in a crate in the cold, I mean, that's not good," said Undersheriff Chris West, with the Canadian County Sheriff's Office.

On top of being cold and covered in ticks and fleas, authorities say a resident found a crate full of kittens in a ditch, partially submerged in water.

Natasha Alikhani, with the Bella Foundation, says this happens more than you think.

"We'll get all this rain all of a sudden and it kind of fills up those crates and it's so dangerous for them. If we're not lucky and we can't get to them fast enough, that happens a lot of the time and sometimes there's nothing that people can do," said Alikhani.

However, she says there is something you can do if you find an abandoned animal.

"If you can't find a place with family or friends, you should definitely take that baby to the shelter and let it have a chance at being adopted by a great family," she said.