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Caught on camera: Couple’s bizarre crime spree comes to an end

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. - It was a dramatic ending to a crime spree in central Colorado.

Two suspects were taken into custody after multiple carjackings, shootings and a chase.

Police say this all started as a traffic stop on Lookout Mountain.

Authorities found a man and a young woman inside a white Crown Victoria after getting a report of a suspicious vehicle in the area.

An officer took the driver's license and headed back to his car.

"When he went back to his car to start to run the name of that person, the white Crown Vic took off," said Jacki Kelley, with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.

Officers did not go after that driver at first.

About 30 minutes later, police say the pair carjacked a Subaru with three people inside.

"The male and female got out of that white Crown Vic with weapons and took their car by force," said Kelley.

Shortly after that, police say the suspects broke into a home, then stole a truck.

It quickly crashed and the couple fled on foot.

Police reported gunshots in the area and the female suspect was taken into custody.

However, the male suspect was still on the loose.

"He finds his way into the house, I don't know if he broke in or went in through an unlocked door. He backed out of the garage, taking out their garage door  and stealing their Envoy," said Kelley.

It wasn't long before that Envoy got stuck in the mud near I-70.

"He makes his way out to I-70, where we know he points his rifle at multiple cars on I-70, stopping cars, stopping traffic, trying to carjack again," she said.

With the help of a few Good Samaritans, that suspect was taken into custody.

Police say the situation could have been much worse; they say they found a rifle and a handgun on his person.