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GRAPHIC: Oklahoma church defies typical church stereotypes with their latest outreach

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SHAWNEE, Okla. - A small church in Shawnee is defying typical church stereotypes with their latest outreach.

When you think of church certain images probably come to mind.

But what about "Stand up and beat his ass."

We're at rage in the cage in Choctaw.

Mixed Martial arts, or cage fighting, is extremely popular.

But one of the fight teams out here tonight, comes from church.

"We hear some criticism about it because you know they're like you know a church sponsoring a fight team, that's kind of crazy."

"A lot of people, the odds are against you. They look at it like well how can they be Christians, how can they be this because they're fighting."

This is the gym at C3 Cross Connection Church in Shawnee.

It's where the 'awenaw' in fight team practices four days a week.

There name it's an acronym, just slang.

Head Pastor, Ken Kerbo, was looking for ways to draw people in, but was a little skeptical at first.

"I was already telling the folks to start thinking outside the box," Kerbo said.

Cross Connection's pastor says the ministry is working for his church, showing the love of God and demonstrating Christian principals in one of the most unlikely places.