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Truth behind ‘We Still Coming’ photograph is revealed and the real story is equally amazing

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UPDATE: A photographer is speaking out about the accidental text that has become an Internet sensation.

The photographer says the accidental text that led to the priceless photo never happened, but the picture is real.

According to BuzzFeed, the true story behind the photo is even better.

The photo is actually of Amy and Ian, not Kirsten and Roger.

BuzzFeed spoke with Amy and Ian’s photographer, Adam Sparkes, who says the couple decided to take pictures on a local abandoned spot in Detroit.

Apparently, the rap group 7262 decided to do the same thing for their music video.

It was 7262 who invited the wedding party into their video and even took pictures with the happy couple.


A conversation, via text message, posted to Instagram is triggering a trending hash tag.

A bride-to-be accidentally sent a group text to a bunch of strangers, inviting them to her wedding dinner.

What happened after that, resulted in a legendary wedding photo.

According to, Kirsten and Roger sent out a wedding invite to all the people in Kirsten’s phone.

But one of those messages ended up going to a stranger who asked “Who is this?”

Kristen replied “Roger’s (soon to be wife) Kristen!”

The next few messages is what made this story go viral.

The person then replied to Kristen “You have the wrong number but me and my boys will be there.”

Kristen then explained it’s not an invite to strangers, but that was ignored.

To end the conversation, the “stranger” replied with “We still coming.”

At the wedding Kristen received a big surprise, resulting in an hilariously-awesome wedding photo.