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OKLAHOMA CITY –  A bizarre overnight fire left behind thousands of dollars in damage and a lot of questions in southwest Oklahoma City.

There were downed power lines, a water main break, gas leak and explosion.

Fire crews said this is a suspicious fire and don’t know if any residents lived inside the home.

This house was glowing in the distance, flames and smoke engulfing this home, near S.W. 31st St.and McKinley.

Battalion Chief Tommy Lago said, “It does look suspicious in nature.”

Fire crews said the blaze is due to a gas leak at a gas meter in the backyard.

The fire caught some overhead power lines, and then spread to an old Volkswagen car, where a magnesium engine block exploded, which caused a huge flash.

City crews also had to fix a broken water main after heat and stress on water lines caused water to seep through the asphalt in the middle of the street.

The leftover damage is severe.

There were belongings in the garage and a car in the driveway.

Crews said the house has about $50,000 in damage.