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Leonard Johnson Photo Courtesy: Oklahoma County Jail

OKLAHOMA CITY — ¬†Oklahoma City Police say a man who got turned down for sex decided to get revenge.

Police say Trineta Marshall, 21, woke up to the smell of smoke at her house and discovered two front porch chairs on fire.

She put out the fire, and told police she knows who did it.

Marshall says around midnight that night, two men came to her front door, began beating on it, and asked to be let inside.

Officers say those men are Leonard Alton Johnson IV, 29, and Michael Abraham Martinez, 25.

Marshall said that Johnson wanted to come over because he wanted to have sex with her, but she wouldn’t let them in.

According to police, the men got angry, yelled and took off in a white Chevy Impala.

Officers went to Johnson’s house and his mom answered the door.

Police say both Johnson and Martinez were in the back of the house lying on the floor acting if they had been asleep.

According to officers, both men were fully clothed, including shoes.

Martinez admitted to police that they had gone back to Marshall’s house a second time so Johnson could try again to have sex with her.

Martinez said Johnson walked up to the porch, poured fluid on the chairs and lit the fire.

Police say Martinez asked Johnson to put the fire out, but he refused and that’s when they came back to Johnson’s house where they laid down and went to sleep.

Johnson admitted to police that he went to Marshall’s house to try to have sex, but denied he went back to light the porch chairs on fire.

Johnson was arrested and charged with arson.