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An unfortunate kitten is thrown into an unusually fortunate situation

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NEW MEXICO – Help is pouring in for Sam, an eight-week-old kitten that was thrown out of a moving truck before hitting a brick wall in Los Lunas, New Mexico Wednesday.

Sam’s leg was fractured when he made contact with the wall.

Initially the vet couldn’t fix Sam’s broken leg because the surgery was just too expensive.

She planned on amputating it.

But since the story aired on local TV Wednesday, New Mexico residents saw the little blue cast and couldn’t help but offer to donate.

Now with the donations, Sam may be walking around on all four of his legs again.

The vet is donating her services.

“He needs to know that somebody out there loved him and he didn’t deserve this, he didn’t, and I can make him better, in a couple of days, he’ll feel better,” said Samantha McKinney, the Veterinarian.

Those who want to help Sam should contact the Bosque Farms Animal Clinic.

Meanwhile, police are still trying to track down the person who threw the cat from the truck.