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Millennials’ bad habits: Coffee, burgers and booze, where do Oklahomans rank?

(CNN) — It’s not all kale and Pilates. Millennials are spending big money on guilty pleasures they are probably not telling their personal trainers about, according to new data from budgeting app Level Money.

First up: alcohol. Average annual spending by Millennials varies by state — and some residents are a whole lot boozier than others.

Courtesy: Tal Yellin/CNNMoney

Courtesy: Tal Yellin/CNNMoney

Blame the alcohol, but many Millennials are breaking their healthy habits and binging on Whoppers and french fries. And McDonald’s is their restaurant chain of choice.

The study shows Oklahoma spends almost three times as much per day as the least fast-food oriented, Vermont.  According to the study, 66 percent of Oklahomans buy fast food one or more times per week.

Millennials bad habits

Courtesy: Tal Yellin/CNNMoney

Millennials also like to splurge on lattes and Red Bulls.

The most popular place to fuel up on caffeine? Starbucks. Spending averages are also high at the chain because its gift cards are such popular purchases.

Oklahoma came in 10th place for states that spend the most on caffeine.  The study showed the average annual spending per millennial in Oklahoma is $197.

Courtesy: Tal Yellin/CNNMoney

Courtesy: Tal Yellin/CNNMoney

Read the full Level Money study here.

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