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No shoes, no cell service: Customers turn the tables on would-be thief

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FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas - Workers and customers wrestled with a crook at a store in Texas after he allegedly tried to steal cell phones.

However, he left empty-handed and the alleged crime also cost him some of his own possessions.

"He got nervous. We asked him what he was doing because he had cell phones in his hands," said the clerk. "So we confronted him, and that's when he bolted. He bolted for the door, and that's when my dad grabbed him. And he put him on the ground. And all of us, we pushed him to the ground and I had him pretty much in a chokehold."

"There was an old white lady, probably in her 70s. She got in, she was helping us. She was like, 'Oh my God!' She was freaking out. She got on top of him," said the clerk.

About a minute later, an accomplice came into the store and threatened everybody.

They decided to let the crook go but not without keeping a few souvenirs.

The would-be thief ran out the door without any of the phones he intended to steal and he lost his own cell phone.

He also lost his shoes.

Apparently, he kicked them off as customers worked to hold him down.