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Watch: Man says he and his dog barely escaped pack of coyotes

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BURBANK, Calif. - A southern California neighborhood is on alert for a wild pack of coyotes that were seen racing through the streets.

One man says the coyotes even chased him and his dog.

"I actually was woken up by a screaming, screaming animal being killed," said Nick Mendoza. "Looked at the cameras and that's when I saw coyotes, seven or eight of them, going to the front, going back and forth, running like horses."

He says when he went outside, the coyotes were everywhere.

"That was the scariest thing, to hear an animal dying is a very difficult experience," he said.

However, that wasn't the last time he saw them.

He recently took his 130 pound dog for a walk and says he ran into a pack of at least 15 coyotes.

"I started making noises, screaming at them, yelling at them and nothing. They would not respond. They stood their ground. So I started backing up and they started advancing. After they started advancing, I started to really get nervous," he said.

Mendoza didn't think he would be able to get his elderly dog home fast enough, but he did.

"As soon as I put him away, they caught up to me. There were five of them," he said.

He went back outside with a shovel to scare them away but they didn't go far.

"I kept throwing lemons, they still didn't move," he said.

He finally broke up the pack when he drove down the street, flashing his high beams.

"They were hunting in a pack, that's very scary. That's when my heart started pounding," Mendoza said.

He says he is worried they will be back.

"This is a new problem. Usually what happens is you make yourself large, you throw something or you yell and scream. We're not natural prey for them and it's very sad that things have gotten to a state where now they chased a dog that is much larger than them and a human."