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Awesome wedding photo: Jeff Goldblum helps recreate ‘Jurassic Park’ scene

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Photo Courtesy:  Adam Biesenthal Photography www.biesenthal.ca

Photo Courtesy: Adam Biesenthal Photography http://www.biesenthal.ca

TORONTO, Canada – A wedding photo that features a pre-historic style with a hint of Hollywood is spreading like wildfire on the internet.

You can see a wedding party in Canada running away from gigantic Tyrannosaurs Rex.

Look close and you can see Hollywood star Jeff Goldblum running between the bride and groom.

Goldblum starred as Dr. Ian Malcolm in the movie Jurassic Park, in which he famously ran from a T-Rex.

The picture was taken by Photographer Adam Biesenthal.

Q13 FOX reports Goldblum was a guest at the wedding of Pamela and Jesse Sarget over the weekend.

Goldblum’s fiancée is friends with the bride.

When the groom asked Goldblum to participate in a ‘run away from the T-Rex wedding shot’ — he gladly obliged.

If you would like to see more of Biesenthal’s photography visit his website.