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Zonkies! Meet Telegraph, the half zebra, half donkey

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You won’t believe your eyes when you see this!

Meet Telegraph, a beautiful baby “zonkey” who recently came into the world at the Taigan Zoo park near Crimea’s main city, Simferopol.

Of course, a zonkey is just what it sounds like. Half zebra. Half donkey.

Telegraph was named for a local newspaper, honoring the publication’s fifth anniversary.

Telegraph is lucky to be alive. Although cross-breeding of equines is not unheard of, it is rather rare and unconventional.

But Taigan Zoo says that toying with nature was never part of the plan.

Telegraph’s mother, the zebra, was uncomfortable in her enclosure and had been without a mate for quite a while.

Eventually, the zoo moved the lonely zebra into a different part of the complex where she could be surrounded by other hoofed animals.