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Strange figure in cemetery causes traffic jam on interstate

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. – While a lot of people look to the sky during a supermoon, a strange figure in a cemetery was drawing a different type of attention.

“Everybody was freaked out. Everybody wanted to know what it was,” said Michelle Gonzales.

Gonzales was driving on the interstate when traffic came to a halt.

She thought it was a crash that caused the backup but realized it was something different.

“I actually was gonna try and walk up and see what it was. Some guy stopped me and he told me that it probably wasn’t the best thing to go up there, cuz you never know,” she said.

A tall figure, cloaked in black was holding a bouquet of flowers in the San Jose Del Rosario Cemetery.

More pictures of the figure popped up on Facebook.

“I just wanna know why. Know what he was doing,” she said.

Some say the presence caused a panic, while others believe it to just be a prank.

“One guy says it’s maybe, seriously, the angel of death. Just… People were saying some weird stuff. But I mean, if you would have seen it, you would have, ‘What the heck is that too,” she said.

Gonzales says drivers stopped along the on ramp, some even stopped on the interstate.

“It caused a lot of attention. It could have caused an accident. Somebody could have gotten hurt,” she said.