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PERKINS, Okla --Sewing, stuffing and stitching with love. Every Tuesday afternoon, Debbie Murlin and a team of volunteers turn their small church into a bustling toy factory.

They create "love bears" and distribute them to hospitals, police and fire departments and orphanages in far away countries.

Murlin said, "We are touching lives all over the world."

11,000 stuffed animals and counting. One of the love bears landed in the lap of 6-year-old Korben Meloy. Korben was fighting a rare form of cancer, and recieving chemo at Children's Hospital in Oklahoma City.

His Great Grandmother, Lucille Petermann said, "It was just like a prayer from home, such a blessing."

Lucille Petermann felt like Diane needed to be recognized and nominated her for Spirit Mortgage Pay It 4Ward.

We surprised Debbie and her team with $400. Debbie Murlin said she'll use the money to continue making children smile. "You know what this is going to be used for? More material for love bears."

More bears for kids like Korben Meloy, who is now healthy and cancer-free.