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Oklahoma official accused of sexually abusing teen, faces up to 80-years behind bars

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UPDATED 8/17/2014

Officials say charges have been handed down for a first responder who investigators say sexually abused a 14-year-old boy.

Clinton Wagstaff is the emergency director for Camanche County.

He’s now facing four felony charges including forcible sodomy, lewd acts in the presence of a child, soliciting and engaging in sex with a minor, and exposing a minor to sexual material.

The mother of the victim says she learned about the abuse through explicit messages found on Facebook.

If convicted, Wagstaff could face up to 80 years behind bars.

He is currently being held on a $200,000 bond.

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LAWTON, Okla. – Lawton police have arrested a Comanche County official for allegedly having an inappropriate relationship with a 14-year-old boy.

According to KSWO, the victim’s parents called police Tuesday afternoon after they found inappropriate messages between their son and Comanche County Emergency Director Clinton Wagstaff.

Police issued a search warrant and arrested Wagstaff after reviewing the messages.

The teenage boy’s parents said they suspected something was up, but thought their son was just hanging out with some teenage trouble makers.

Wagstaff Picture

Clinton Wagstaff, Courtesy: Lawton Police Department

“One day [he] slipped and told me he was 50 something, and that’s what really bothered me because [he] said this guy didn’t want to meet anybody’s parents. He didn’t want anybody to know who this guy was,” said the father.

When the boy’s mother checked her son’s Facebook page, she says she saw the graphic messages.

“Her job dropped, and the conversation between my son and this guy was not good. She decided we need to call the cops. This was not some 17-year-old kid, it is some strange guy,” said the boy’s father.

The alleged victim’s father said Wagstaff would meet his son at a nearby elementary school.

The father believes this relationship could have gone on for as long as six months.