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Great State: New Metro Business has a Special Machine to Clean the Dirtiest Place in Your House

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PIEDMONT, OKLAHOMA -- Kyle Cornman already had a business pressure washing and cleaning windows.

Every once in a while one of his customers would ask him to clean out their trash cans too.

He would do it, but that didn't mean he had to like it.

"You couldn't clean the trash cans in people's driveways because it would just make a mess," he says.

So he was bouncing around the bumpy, back roads of the internet one day and noticed something an inventor in Palm Springs had come up with.

It's a pickup truck fitted with tanks, pumps, and hydraulic lifters specifically designed to clean dirty garbage cans.

Kyle points out, "What collects inside your trash can is leakage from your garbage bags, grease. You get dirty paper towels. You get everything that you can think of that you put in the trash."

"It's quite a big mess and quite a big stink."

His truck is so new it still has California plates, but as soon as he started showing up in neighborhoods around Oklahoma City with it, people started coming out of their houses to watch the process.

Cornman says, "People tell me, 'I never thought about that.' Will you do mine?"

Water mixed with hydrogen peroxide sprays into the can.

Dirty water flows down into another tank so it won't make a mess.

Kyle chuckles, "Nobody wants to clean their own mess."

Every once in a while he gets a stubborn can with a lot of buildup that might require de-greaser or another pressure wash, but when he's done the can is pretty clean.

"Now you smell apples and cinnamon," says Kyle as he sprays fragrance into a newly cleaned trash receptical.

His friends kid him about his new job. Ray Bans and trash cans, they call it.

The official name of his business is actually Escape Trash Can Cleaning.

A relatively clean garbage can might not be something too many people think about, at least not until you've seen Kyle Cornman clean your neighbor's

Cornman has only been in business for a few weeks as of August, 2014.

You can find him at