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CROWN HEIGHTS, N.Y. – A UPS delivery man does more than deliver packages; in fact, he is also making love connections.

Terry Spiers never has a dull moment working his Brooklyn route because he works another job at the same time.

Spiers has been on this Crown Heights route for 23 years, serving the same families each day.

He says after getting to know so many people so well, he realized he better start putting his connections to good use.

He is now known as a shidduch, a matchmaker, in the Orthodox Jewish neighborhood.

“Make a delivery at the house of Zevy Goldin, I said to the mom, ‘Would Zevy like to get married? I have a nice girl for him,’ and that’s where it all went,” said Spiers.

Newlyweds Zev and Chana Goldin say their story is pretty unbelievable.

“People ask if it’s a joke,” said Zev Goldin.

“Yeah, people ask if I made it up,” said Chana Goldin.

“After shrugging him off several times, it was his persistence that actually got us to actually go out,” Zev said.

Spiers was at the couple’s engagement party and their June wedding.

“Somebody being nice and just taking the initiative and talking to you and suggesting you go out with somebody else, you know, you definitely changed two people’s worlds,” Zev said.

In a statement, UPS said they’re “proud of Terry Spiers for making a difference to a young couple. This is a good example of how UPS drivers are part of the fabric of the communities they serve. We congratulate the newlyweds and wish them every happiness.”