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Edmond police arrest 11 residents for social host violations in one weekend

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Edmond Police are sending out a warning to college students as they head back to school.

Police say they will not tolerate anyone providing alcohol to minors.

Edmond Police made nearly a dozen "social host" arrests over the weekend.

Officer James Hamm, with Edmond PD said, "If you're hosting a party and we find people who are there drinking under age, it doesn't mean those people are going to go to jail for drinking under age, but the party host is going to be the one arrested and taken to jail for allowing them to be there and consume alcohol."

Edmond Police say it's not uncommon to find a party every now and then where there are underage drinkers; however, eleven arrests were made this past weekend. It's an uncommon number which has police warning those hosting a back to school bash.

Hamm said, "For eleven to be in one night or one weekend is really really high."

Social host arrests are not uncommon this time of year, but Edmond Police say it's a problem they will not tolerate.

Edmond police say this time of year there are too many minors setting out on their own for the first time and parties like those this weekend could easily ruin their future.

"It's a very dangerous combination," said Hamm. "It can turn really bad really quick."

Edmond Police have not released the names or ages of those arrested.

Police say six of the arrests were made at an area apartment complex.