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Great State: Snow Cone Stand Owner Has Tasted All the Flavors in Life

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OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- Jake Hunter handles his business in a white trailer on the corner of 178th Street and MacArthur Boulevard.

He is the owner and proprietor of Country Snow, a snow cone stand open after school through the rush hour for thirsty folks who want to hold onto summer for just a little while longer.

"Snow cones are kind of habit-forming aren't they," queries a first time visitor to the stand.

"They are," replies Hunter. "They're kind of like a drug. You grow up on them and every kid wants to have one. If they see a stand they want mom to stop."

He's a 2006 graduate of Deer Creek Schools.

Hunter grew up riding and later driving these country roads which are now giving way to the advance of Oklahoma City.

If you'd asked him then if he'd be here now he would have laughed.

But life, like a snow cone, comes in lots of surprising flavors.

"I look at it that everything happens for a reason," says Jake. "God's got me on this plan and this path so I'm just following it."

He was a year away from graduating college when the accident happened.

A 4- wheeler crash left him paralyzed from the waist down.

He got an Industrial Safety degree from UCO in Edmond, but suspected his wheelchair kept him from getting a permanent job.

Last year, he bought this trailer and put himself to work.

Hunter says, "We put our foot down and got into motion and here we are today."

Customers drive up straight from school. Construction workers building houses in the area come by too.

One Country Snow fan yells, "By the way, these are the best I've had anywhere so you're doing a good job."

"Awesome!" yells Jake. "I appreciate it."

A layer of finely shaved ice, a layer of syrup and so on.

Jake keeps a good perspective for someone who works in such a small box.

Those flavors of life might change unexpectedly, but, in the end, they're worth the taste.

"Is life still sweet like a snow cone," asks his visitor?

"Oh man," he smiles. "It hasn't changed from that."

Country Snow operates Monday through Friday from 2:30 to 7:30pm.

The stand has its own facebook page at