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‘Largest indictment in area’s history,’ Tulsa street gang members charged with drug conspiracy

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TULSA, Okla. – On Tuesday, more than 50 gang members were charged with drug conspiracy and other criminal offenses.

Fifty-one members and associates of the Hoover Crips Street Gang and the Donald Walter’s Drug Trafficking Organization were charged with 238 criminal offenses, including drug conspiracy, engaging in a continuing criminal enterprise, weapon offenses, retailing against a witness, and conspiring to promote dog fighting.

U.S. Attorney Danny Williams said this is the largest indictment in the area’s history.

Williams says this accomplishment took out 90 percent of the crack cocaine trade in Tulsa.

According to court documents, the defendants conspired to purchase cocaine and marijuana from the Sinaloa Cartel and the Los Zeta Cartel.  Both Cartels operated in Mexico and sold drugs in the Tulsa area.

During the conspiracy, officials say money generated was used for dog fighting, gambling, travel and vehicle purchases.

Court documents also say the defendants operated “crack houses” in the Tulsa area for cooking, packaging, and selling of cocaine.

If convicted, the defendants face forfeiture of vehicles, firearms, and nine (9) residences used to manufacture and distribute crack cocaine. The defendants also face entry of a $10 million dollar criminal forfeiture money judgment