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SEATTLE – A Seattle firefighter is warming hearts after going to extreme lengths to nurse a tiny hummingbird.

On Reilly’s Facebook he says “Last night, at about 2 a.m., I walked out to the apparatus bay at work to go on a call. I saw something on the floor that I first thought was a giant moth.”

But once Reilly got a closer look, he discovered the giant moth was actually a hummingbird.

“The doors of the bay had been closed for hours, so it must have gotten exhausted flying around inside,” Reilly wrote.

After Reilly and his crew returned from a call, he built a nest out of clean rag and attempted to feed it.

“It barely moved,” Reilly wrote.

After doing some research, Reilly found that if hummingbirds get tired, they will act as if they are hibernating.

So, Reilly says he picked the bird up and put it on the dashboard of his pickup truck.

“After about 10 minutes of being in the sun it started breathing normally and waking up. I fed it some food from a dropper and after about 3 little feedings over 15 minutes, it flew onto the top of the door jamb.”

“I kept feeding it every few minutes and it would sleep in between. Finally it flew off into the apple tree, and then to parts unknown,” Reilly wrote.