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Oklahoma police department using plastic cop to deter speeders

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ADA, Okla. - A Oklahoma community is getting a lot of attention lately for the work of one of their officers.

He's been featured in the Wall Street Journal and on numerous other sites for his ability to deter crime. However, there is something very unusual about this officer.

Sergeant Dewayne Campbell, with the Ada Police Department, said, "We call him Waldo."

As a member of the Ada Police Department, Officer Waldo is getting a lot of attention these days.

Chris Cannon, an Ada resident, said, "He don't say much but he gets the job done. "

Sgt. Campbell said, "He's growing in popularity."

He's a quiet and very effective officer.

Melanie Carson, another Ada resident and owner of Jungle Ice Snocones, said, "He is the most inactive, active member of the community of Ada."

Cannon said, "He leaves us alone. He don't bother us too much."

That's because Officer Waldo is not real.

Sgt. Campbell said, "We amputated his legs to make him easier to move around."

Waldo is a CPR dummy. He has been serving the town for more than a year.

Every day officers move him and his car to a different location, getting the attention of drivers.

Sgt. Campbell said, "It's an effective way to get people's minds back on driving."

Carson said, "It was funny because we would watch people slam on their breaks."

But Waldo, better known as the "Plastic Popo" is doing more than slowing drivers down.

He's gaining a big following on social media and even has his own snocone.

Carson said, "We are still selling Popo snocones."

It's white coconut and blue coconut with donut sprinkles on top. The Popo snocone at Jungle Ice is a big hit.

Carson said, "I think this is a positive thing and it's something everyone likes."

Though Waldo is not everyone's favorite.

Sgt. Campbell said, "Amongst the police officers, he's kind of shunned."

They say carrying him around is a bit of a nuisance, but the job he's doing is making a difference.

Waldo was recently tagged to take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but so far he hasn't done it.

He does have a following on Facebook. You can find the Facebook page here.