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National carhop competition gets serious at Sonic headquarters

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Skating carhops from a popular Oklahoma company that started in Shawnee will be doing their best to earn a top title at a unique event.

"I've been skating since second grade and I actually play roller derby as well, so I'm on skates all of the time," said Beth Kempf, a skating carhop at Sonic Drive-In.

More than 200 carhops submitted videos for the Skate-Off 2014, a national competition in its fifth year.

"Everybody submitted a video to showcase their style. To showcase their style, to showcase what they do at their drive-in," said Jason Acock, with Sonic America's Drive-In.

A panel of judges narrowed down the field to six finalists, who made their way through an obstacle course on Wednesday.

One of the challenges is to deliver an order without spilling the contents of a tray.

"The only think I'm a little worried about are the barrels," said Benjamin Crotinger.

The winner will receive cash prizes and will be announced Sept. 9 in New Orleans.