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‘No one helped her,’ Grandmother hit by semi-truck, left injured on highway

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MOORE, Okla. - The search continues for a truck driver who allegedly plowed into a car in Moore and kept on going.

It happened Tuesday during rush hour along I-35 near 12th St. in Moore.

Family members of the injured woman are pleading with the public to help find the driver.

Joanne Woods was driving through Moore when she says a semi slammed into her car.

She says the driver never looked back.

Joanne's family is now hoping other motorists might have seen something.

Woods called her son and daughter-in-law the moment after her car was hit.

"She just said, 'I-35, 12th St., white truck,' and she was in a panic," Chad Woods, her son, says.

"It was a little old lady. I just don't understand why he didn't pull over, it was crazy," said Brandy Woods, Joanne's daughter-in-law.

Joanne's car was totaled and she was left stranded and injured on the side of the road.

"Nobody stopped, no witnesses, no one helped her. That's why she keeps crying, she can't believe nobody pulled over to help her," Brandy said.

Without witnesses, Oklahoma Highway Patrol troopers say it's nearly impossible to find the person responsible.

"They just wrote a report and said the chances of finding the trucker are slim to none and they know it was a semi because they found the nuts and the bolts from the side of the car," Chad said.

Pictures show where the truck allegedly hit Joanne's car.

We asked an instructor with American Trucking Training if it was possible the truck driver just didn't realize what happened.

"If he hit hard enough to take those off, he would've had to know he touched her because it would make a lot of noise. And even a trailer, I'm sure he'd hear that noise and he'd realized something happened," said Donald Donovan, an experienced truck driver.

The collision has now landed this grandmother on bed rest indefinitely with a severely bruised sternum.

"Hopefully, somebody out there has seen something, seen the truck, tag number, color of truck, anything that could possibly help us. We just want to find this person," Chad said.

The grandmother also lost her teeth when the airbag deployed and does not have medical insurance.

If you have any information that might help investigators, call the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.