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Hyundai makes large donation to local children’s hospital

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A car company is teaming up with a local hospital to help find a cure for leukemia.

"When children die of cancer, they've been robbed of their entire lives," said Dr. John Kimble Frazer, pediatric oncologist at OU Medical’s Children’s Hospital.

15-year-old Abigail Gamble was a typical high school student from Pauls Valley when she was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia.

The blood cancer took over her entire body.

"Then her heart rate started going nuts, and we were told that evening that she had leukemia, and it was devastating. It was very devastating," said Abigail’s mother, Michelle Gamble.

Four and a half months later, Abigail, who is now in full remission, was finally able to go home.

Her community welcomed her with a town parade.

"You just know how much your town loves you. They came together to do that for me. That makes you feel wonderful," Abigail Gamble.

Now Hyundai Hope on Wheels is coming together to give the Children’s Health Foundation at OU Medical Center $250,000 to help doctors find a cure for the terrifying disease.

"Almost all pediatric cancers were incurable 40 years ago, and for many types of pediatric cancer they now have cure rates approaching 70, 80 and some cases even 90%," Dr. Frazer said.

Michelle Gamble believes more people should be aware that pediatric cancer kills more children than any other disease.

"There are hundreds of cancers. There are blood cancers. There's tumors. So I think we need to become aware of that," said Michelle Gamble.

“I just want them to find a cure for this, and that's what they're trying to do," Abigail Gamble said.

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