Pope’s statement on corporal punishment causing controversy

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(CNN) – When it comes to discipline, every parent uses a different technique.

Over the years, there has been quite a debate about whether or not parents should spank their children.

Pope Francis recently said it is okay for parents to spank kids, as long as they do it with dignity.

The remarks came after a story the pope heard a father tell at a wedding.

The father admitted to spanking his children, but says he never hit them in the face.

He said he didn’t want to demean them, even if they misbehaved.

“A good father knows how to wait and knows how to forgive from the bottom of his heart. Of course, he can also discipline with a firm hand; he’s not weak, submissive, sentimental. This father knows how to discipline without demeaning; he knows how to protect without restraint,” Pope Francis said.

The pope’s statement has prompted an outpouring of support and criticism.

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