Simple ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day without breaking the bank

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Love is in the air this Valentine's Day, but it doesn't need to damage your budget.

Experts with the Oklahoma Society of Certified Public Accountants say there are several ways you can show your affection for your significant other without breaking the bank.

  • Making Music - If your special someone goes crazy for concerts, you may consider making your loved one a playlist of songs. You may also want to include reasons why those songs make you think of that person.
  • Share Special Memories - There are probably a few pictures of the two of you that make your heart melt. Consider buying a frame to include a picture of the two of you that your loved one will adore. Also, include a special note that explains why you like the photo.
  • Put Together a Time Capsule - Find a jar and put ticket stubs, cards and other mementos that showcase your love. Include any notes of your time together and add in your hopes and dreams for the future. Decorate the outside with "2015" on it so you can open it next year.
  • Create a Perfect Evening At Home - Consider cooking a nice meal at home instead of going to a restaurant. Add candles, a romantic dessert and a movie to wrap up the date.

Above all, make sure you focus your attention on your loved one and make your gift about him or her.

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