High schools around the country dropping the controversial “Redskins” mascot

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LANCASTER, NY. – High schools around the country continue to drop the controversial “Redskins” mascot.

According to WGRZ, New York’s Lancaster School District unanimously passed a resolution to change the nickname during a special school board meeting Monday night.

The school board believed the nickname was offensive to Native Americans, and outweighed the demand to keep the nickname, which had been in place for decades.

While the school board was commenting on the resolution, they were frequently interrupted by the crowd, which is estimated to have been more than 100 people. At one point, Lancaster School Board president Kenneth Graber told the crowd they were acting like children.

“People, ethics and perceptions evolve,” Graber said. “What was acceptable 70 years ago clearly is not acceptable today.”

In December 2014, the Oklahoma City School Board of Education voted to remove “Redskins” as the mascot for Capitol Hill High School.

The OKCPS Board has narrowed the new mascot down to four options: Red Hawks, Red Wolves, War Eagles and Nations.


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