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Update: Contractor accused of scamming tornado victims extradited to Oklahoma

Update 2/27/16 - Glenn McCoy spent a year on the run hiding out in Kentucky.

Monday some of his victims showed up to testify at his sentencing hearing in Cleveland County only to find out the judge wasn't able to make it due to another conflict in court.

The contractor pleaded no contest to 6 counts of fraud in Cleveland County, which means he's on the hook for restitution and maybe some more time behind bars.

Kristi Dunn is one of three families devastated twice, she says first by the 2013 Moore tornado, then at the hands of Glenn McCoy.

“$69,000," she said. “He never intended on building anything.”

 Olive Bowman says she was forced to abandon her rebuild after McCoy stole her insurance money.

McCoy tried to ditch us as he was leaving court and told us the accusations were “not accurate.”

Later on he tried to paint himself as a victim saying he has remorse for what’s happened to “all of us.”

The wheel of justice is turning slow meaning these families will have to wait even longer for their day in court.

The sentencing hearing will be rescheduled for a later date and our In Your Corner team will be there to bring you the latest.  

UPDATE 12/6/16: Glenn McCoy will avoid going to trial.

Monday, the contractor pleaded no contest to six counts of fraud in Cleveland County, which is still a conviction.

It just means he concedes the charges without admitting guilt.

Now, he's on the hook for restitution.

A judge will sentence him early next year and decide just how much his former customers get, including tornado victim Kristi Dunn, who said McCoy stole close to $70,000 from her.

“I've got nothing,” she said.

McCoy spent a year on the run from us and authorities, hiding out in Kentucky near family.

His sentencing is scheduled for early next year.

We’ll keep you posted.


UPDATE 1/11/15: Our In Your Corner team has new details involving a case of contractor fraud.

Glenn McCoy his accused of ripping off a at least six families.

Monday, he was formally arraigned in Cleveland County.

Our cameras aren't allowed inside the courtroom.

McCoy waived his preliminary hearing and pleaded not guilty to embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from six families, including tornado victims, Kathy Chow and Kristi Dunn.

You'll remember McCoy fled our state and spent a year on the run from authorities.

Last year, he was picked up at a hospital in Louisville, while visiting a sick relative.

McCoy posted bond last month.

His next court date is set for May.

We'll keep you posted.

OKLAHOMA CITY - It's a case we've been following for a while.

Glenn McCoy, a contractor, is accused of allegedly ripping off tornado victims.

We know U.S. Marshalls picked up McCoy at a hospital in Louisville, where he was visiting a sick relative.

Late last week, McCoy was extradited back to Oklahoma and booked into the Cleveland County Jail.

Monday was his video arraignment.

Our cameras weren't allowed inside the courtroom, but In Your Corner reporter Scott Hines got to sit in on the proceeding with tornado victim, Kristi Dunn.

“This has been a long time coming,” she said.

The deadly 2013 Moore tornado nearly killed her family.

She said McCoy knew that and yet he still took advantage of them.

“McCoy got me for $69,000,” she said.

That was all the insurance money they had.

Dunn has since rebuilt her home with the help of volunteers and donations.

She recently welcomed a new grandson.

Monday, she showed up in court to welcome home McCoy.

“I am just thrilled he's finally back here and justice will be done,” Kristi said.

The judge set McCoy's bond at $30,000.

He'll be back in court next month, and our team plans to be there to bring you the latest.