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4 Seniors: Items to help you find your misplaced belongings

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OKLAHOMA CITY - No matter how old you are, misplacing items can be a hassle.

If you use a smartphone or tablet, you can easily track down lost or misplaced items like keys, a purse, wallet, remote control, smartphone, tablet or laptop with a Bluetooth tracker like TrackR or Tile. All you do is attach the tag to items and you can find the item by accessing an app. If you are within 100 feet, you can make the device ring.

If you lose your phone, TrackR and Tile work in reverse, making a sound on your device.

If you don't have a smartphone or tablet, there are radio frequency devices like Click 'N Dig that help find lost or misplaced items. You attach a tag to the items and press the button on the finder to make the tag flash and beep. You will need to be within at least 60 feet of your lost item.

The Find One Find All device can manage up to six items and also sound an alarm when signaled. However, the range is only 30 feet.