Two teens killed after shooting at rodeo in Spencer

SPENCER, Okla. – Two teens are dead following a shooting Saturday night at a rodeo.

"Just gun shots and chaos. It just went from being a normal night to a bunch of chaos,” said Dshawn Smiley.

Smiley was there when it happened.

He attended the rodeo at an arena in Spencer and said he will never forget the night.

“Spencer had a rodeo going on at Kringlen Park. There was an altercation that occurred to the south of the arena between two individuals,” said Sheriff John Whetsel with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.

During the altercation, 14-year-old Mark Carter and 17-year-old Brandon Beiner were shot.

Right now, details about the altercation are unclear, but authorities said one of the victims may have been shot in the chest.

Beiner died at the scene, and Carter later passed away at a local hospital.

Carter was a student at Northeast Academy and Beiner was a student at Seeworth Academy.

“Anyone with information, if they would contact the Oklahoma County Sheriff`s office or the Spencer Police Department, we will welcome any information that you have,” said Chief Allen Lane with Spencer PD.

Authorities recovered two weapons at the scene, and investigators arrested 21-year-old Shauntel Mims for possession of a fire arm after a former conviction.

"We heard about that last night, so we came together today to try and ride bikes to get the kids out and get on something else, you know, put the guns down and pick the bikes up,” Smiley said.

It’s something the 'Bikes Up, Guns Down' group plans to do every Sunday as a way to try and help stop the violence.

"Trying to get the kids off the streets and get them into something more productive, you know, something they might like, you know, and maybe that could cut the violence down,” Smiley said.

The investigation is still ongoing.