Help us spread Kindness throughout the month of September, Join #OneKindThing

OKLAHOMA CITY–The Oklahoma Standard is strong and thrives.

Oklahomans come together during times of tragedy and crisis to help one another, lift each other up and lend a helping hand when it is needed the most.

We would like to take that core value and expand it to include spreading one act of kindness daily throughout the month of September.



It can be a small gesture like carrying someone’s groceries, holding open a door, helping someone broken down on the highway or paying it forward while in line at your favorite lunch stop or coffee shop!

It can also be something big like organizing a fundraiser for a worthy cause, organization or group.

Please help us share #OneKindThing in September.

Take pictures, write us about it, tag us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

We want to feature what you do or what you SEE taking place in our community.

We want to share these acts in the hope that they will inspire others to do #OneKindThing!

Please use the hashtag!