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“I think it’s a shame,” Runners notice unsightly trash pile near Oklahoma City landmark

OKLAHOMA CITY - It's a beautiful sight whether you're driving under it on I-40 or cycling by it, but you'd probably never expect that view to change the way it did on Friday.

"I think it's a shame. People ought to be more responsible than that, pick up after themselves, not dump it out here for somebody else,” said John Bent.

The Skydance Bridge has received national accolades but not for the pile of trash that's building up around it.

"Obviously, trash is unsightly and not conducive to running," said Matt Carney while taking a short break from running.

Recently, bags of garbage showed up on the south end of the pedestrian walkway.

The city said leaving trash near the landmark can result in major consequences.

"Littering is against city ordinance and, if you're caught littering, it could end up in municipal courts with a first offense fine of $200," said Debbie Ragan, spokesperson for Oklahoma City’s Public Works Department.

A second offense will cost you $500.

But, the garbage may not be all as it seems.

"Yes, it looked like a lot of trash, but it was neatly packaged. It was a collection effort from the SHINE project,” Ragan said.

SHINE is an initiative to clean up the city using people who've been sentenced to community service left the trash behind.

"They just couldn't take all of their collection away at one time, and that's what we saw," she said.

But, Ragan said this is a problem spot, which is why SHINE came out in the first place.

"I think it typically get some illegal dumping there and some trash," she said.

City leaders said they especially want to keep the area clean with several MAPS 3 projects going in just a few blocks away.

"We are serious about keeping our city clean, just need help properly disposing of any trash instead of littering our city,” Ragan said.

The trash has since been picked up.