New Beginnings For A New Sooners Season

A new Sooner season is quickly running towards us after a successful playoff run finished on a sour note.

But for OU football which is remembered the good or the bad?

“It’s none of that,” Bob Stoops, OU Head Football Coach, said.  “It’s a new year.  Guys are anxious to play and earn their way again, and I don’t tie years together.  Never have.  Years in my mind don’t tie together.  You have new people.  New guys in different positions.  Different schedule.  It’s a whole new thing.”

Sterling Shepard has now kissed OU goodbye for the NFL.

His coveted spot as Baker Mayfield’s top target is wanted, but will it be filled by a singular Sooner?

“I think everybody does want to be the go to receiver but, at the same time you have to realize the talent we have around us,” Mark Andrews, OU sophomore receiver, said.  “There’s a ton of good playmakers.  That’s just a credit to the athletes that we have.  I think the ball is going to be spread out pretty well.  Baker does a terrific job of not just going to one person.”

Houston has certainly done more than enough to get the public and OU’s attention going into Saturday.

A top 15 preseason ranking, and coming off a big Peach Bowl win.

With all that said I asked Dakota Austin knowing this does that make getting ready for Saturday that much easier?

“Especially with this year’s team I feel like we’ll be ready to go regardless,” Dakota Austin, OU senior cornerback, said.  “This is one of the closest team’s I’ve been on since I’ve been here.  One person gets going, which of course will happen, so one person gets going and it’s just infectious spread across the whole locker room.  I feel like we’ll be ready to go if we play in the parking lot.”