“He is completely my lifeline,” Family desperately searching for service dog

OKLAHOMA CITY - Little Vadar is truly one of a kind.

Far more than a family pet, the Hungarian Vizsla is a life saver.

"He is completely my lifeline," said Mary Worshan Blevins. "He goes everywhere with me, doctor's appointments, Walmart, you name it."

Mary has Type One diabetes. Her blood sugar is monitored by a small device and her specially trained service dog.

"These amazing little service animals can detect if you're too high or too low," said Blevins.

Now, her service animal is missing.

She says the Hungarian Vizsla was last seen headed eastbound on the Kilpatrick Turnpike.

"I had to stop to get change," said Blevins. "This woman behind me was acting really aggressive, and honking at me before I even got out of the car. My attention was kind of back on her."

During the confusion, Vadar hit the highway, darting off into the night.

"By the time I got back, I couldn't see him," explained Blevins. "It was rush hour, I drove up and down, up and down that turnpike yelling for him."

Mary hasn't given up, filling up Facebook message boards with flier after flier.

A health scare Monday morning proved just how vital Vadar is.

"I had to call paramedics, and I was very fortunate that I even woke up," said Blevins. "My blood sugar was 43, which is extremely, dangerously low. Normally Vadar would have woken me up to that."

Now, her lifeline and long time pal is gone, but surely not forgotten.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the family through their Facebook page.