Animal activists taking aim at Oklahoma senator over controversial pigeon shoot fundraiser

OKLAHOMA CITY - Animal activists are taking aim at Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe.

The group 'SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness' is in town to bring attention to the senator's annual pigeon shoot this weekend. It's an event they say is cruel and illegal, adding that it is a violation of Oklahoma's cruelty code.

The group says Inhofe is breaking the law by holding the event on federal property and hunting caged birds.

The annual fundraiser earns money for the senator as guests shoot at tame, banded pigeons as they’re thrown into the air.

SHARK is hoping that this year, a law enforcement agency will step in and stop the shoot.

"As you are aware from the photographs taken by the Bureau of Reclamation after the 2014 pigeon shoot, there will be many pigeons on the property that are not recovered, but who will die a slow and painful death. To avoid that this year, we are asking to be allowed access to the property after the shoot is over and when the attendees have left. Our only mission at that point will be to save lives. Senator Inhofe says he is a religious man and a Christian. Is this not the Christian thing to do?" a note sent to Inhofe's chief of staff read.

Last year, Inhofe's chief of staff called the allegations ridiculous, saying the complaint was an opportunity "to issue a new press release and likely try to raise money for themselves."

During the 2015 pigeon shoot, a drone that was recording the event was shot down.