“I`m sure they deserve to be caught,” near hour long police chase caught on camera

ENID, Okla.-- An arrest is made in Enid, following an erratic car chase through town.

"I could hear them over there, over there," said Brandyn Harris, who caught the chase on his phone. "I`ve heard it was all over west Enid."

It started at the stop sign at Walnut and Walker. Police say 26-year-old Andrew Kintz was originally pulled over for running through the stop sign.

But Kintz, who was reportedly driving with a suspended license and three warrants to his name, sped away, and the chase was on.

In and out of city street's police tailed the vehicle. According to reports, the driver avoided stop sticks by driving onto people's lawns.

"Whiz whiz whiz, I mean they just kept coming and coming," said Ann Pierce. "Whoever they were after I`m sure they deserve to be caught."

Kintz however wouldn't be caught any time soon. For 43 minutes, police say he zigged and zagged through west Enid, speeding by Brandyn Harris' house not once, but three times.

"I just walked outside, got my phone out and got ready for it," said Harris. "He locked up the front wheels, turned, kept going, and there`s just squad car after squad car."

This alleged joy ride though did come to a close. With one of his wheels flattened, the 26-year-old was finally stopped and arrested.

Kintz is facing five felony charges, including resisting arrest, and eluding police.