Oklahoma mom faces felony embezzlement charge after stealing from high school wrestling account

BRIDGE CREEK, Okla. – A booster club mom is behind bars, after other members discovered money from the wrestling account was missing.

Investigators said Jamie Kay Parker stole nearly $2,000.

“They just decided, since her kids were no longer directly involved in wrestling, it might be better to have another parent help her with that,” said Grady County Sheriff Jim Weir. “She no longer had kids in it. She could write checks. They just wanted somebody else to be put on the account.”

Members contacted Parker, but she never showed up to meet them at the bank to discuss the account.

“She didn’t show up, and they started talking to the bank manager. Well, she really doesn’t have an account set up for the boosters,” Weir said. “We know she’s been doing business for them, but she’s kind of been putting it in her own account.”

Court records show the account for the wrestling team “had been closed for being overdrawn.”

That’s when they contacted the sheriff’s office.

At first, Parker denied taking anything but then admitted to stealing nearly $2,000.

“She said ‘Yeah, I did borrow some money to try to start this little business. I fully intended to pay it back,’” Weir said.

That business never took off, and Parker never paid back the money.

“There should always be two people involved,” Weir said.

Parker is in the Grady County Jail, facing a felony charge of embezzlement.