Russell Westbrook, Jimmy Fallon play ‘Random Object Football Toss’

NEW YORK – Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook stopped by “The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon” Thursday night to have a little fun.

Westbrook talked about his new signature clothing line while Fallon tried on some of the basketball star’s sunglasses and jewelry.

The two even talked about Westbrook’s extension with the Thunder.

“You just signed this new contract, which I’m just psyched about — we’re all psyched about because you’re staying with the Thunder in OKC,” Fallon said. “That’s just a big deal and it’s so cool. I know you love the community there, you love the fans out there.”

“It’s just such a great place to be and people have been so nice to me and my family,” Westbrook said. “I love being there. The weather changes, but I love it, man.”

The best part of the visit was when Westbrook and Fallon competed in a football toss with random objects, including a giant gummy worm and two Furbies glued together.