OSU coach Mike Gundy discusses controversial finish to Central Michigan game

mike gundy pic

STILLWATER, Okla. – It was a controversial call that caused an uproar among college football fans all over the country, especially the Cowboy faithful.

Up 27-24, Oklahoma State had the ball on a fourth down with just four seconds left in the game. Looking to run out the clock, OSU quarterback Mason Rudolph threw it deep with no receivers in the area.

The Cowboys were given a penalty for intentional grounding and the referees gave CMU an untimed down.

An amazing Hail Mary play led to a win for Central Michigan during last weekend’s game in Stillwater. Unfortunately, it was a play that should have never happened because the rules weren’t followed.

Instead, officials say the game should have ended with the penalty and Central Michigan should have never had the chance to make that pass.

On Sunday, OSU head coach Mike Gundy said he was ready to move on but still had plenty to say at a news conference on Monday.

“I know nine years ago when we studied it, there was enough people in that room that the only thing that crossed my mind was, ‘Maybe it’s changed and I didn’t know it.’ So then I said, ‘OK, they’re on the 50. Let’s play this thing out, no looking back.’ I would have run a different play and then looking back, I would have said I know we’re smart enough to check everything. We would have never had a play in our playbook that’s going to give them another play,” Gundy said.