Woman wins $4.6 million in lawsuit against Target after being stuck by needle

Credit: Ferre Dollar/CNN

Credit: Ferre Dollar/CNN

ANDERSON, S.C. – A South Carolina woman will receive millions from a large retail store after being stuck by a hypodermic needle.

In 2014, Carla Denise Garrison’s 8-year-old daughter picked up a hypodermic needle in the parking lot of a Target.

When she noticed what she was doing, Garrison says she tried to knock the needle out her daughter’s hand. Instead, it ended up sticking right in her palm.

According to Independent Mail, she underwent tests for HIV and hepatitis, and had to take HIV medication. Fortunately, she has tested negative for both diseases.

However, Garrison says the medication made her ill and caused her to be bedridden, which then forced her husband to take time off of work.

Garrison’s lawyer asked Target to pay for her medical bills and the time that she and her husband had to take off of work, which amounted to $12,000.

At that point, Target offered to pay $750, which sent the case to trial.

On Thursday, a jury ruled that Target needs to pay Garrison $4.6 million, according to Independent Mail.

Target officials told the newspaper that the company is considering an appeal.