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Edmond Electric customers will soon test smart meters

EDMOND, Okla. - Edmond Electric will soon be testing out smart meters.

City council members approved a $45,000 dollar pilot program during Monday night’s meeting.

In the blazing hot, or frigid cold smart meters let customers see how much electricity they are using.

"I like it. It saves us money. We don't have any problems," Markia L. Davis said.

About 300 Edmond Electric customers will test them out next year.

"Really if you look at meters and electric systems we’re actually kind of behind," Casey Moore, with the City of Edmond, said. "We feel like now's the time to further investigate. Try to work through the kinks to you might see.”

If things go according to plan, the city hopes to offer smart meters to all Edmond Electric customers.

"One, it improves reliability. We know when there's an issue a lot sooner than we would now. Two, the hope is that we can lower our peak usage times so ultimately that would lower everyone's bills," Moore said.

Despite lower bills, an Oklahoma group is working to stop smart meters.

The group claims after installation people have suffered from a number of health issues including headaches, muscle cramps and nose bleeds.

"I don't know any of the side effects or health effects of them that people are discussing either so I think they would be fine for Edmond residents to have," Callie Amos, a resident, said.

"I think it would be pretty awesome. If they know the health risks if there's nothing major then yea I think it would be a great program to save energy," Brittany Taylor said.

Starting September 26, Edmond Electric customers can volunteer to test out the meters and provide their feedback.