“I hate that things go on here,” police searching for armed man accused of assault

OKLAHOMA CITY - A quiet neighborhood came to life on a Friday morning.

Police responded to south Oklahoma City just after 7:00 a.m., with reports of two adults being assaulted.

A victim reportedly told police that 30-year-old Todd Miller entered their home with a handgun.

According to reports, the woman and her husband had given Miller their SUV months before, but after months of no payments, they had it repossessed.

This move, seemingly enraged Miller.

The victim told police after he beat the couple with his handgun, even putting the gun in one of the victim's mouths, he fled the home in a red challenger.

That vehicle was spotted blocks away on Lunow Drive, prompting an hours long police standoff.

Once police made entry though, Miller was nowhere to be found.

This has raised concern in both neighborhoods, with reports of this armed man on the run, and two alleged assault victims in his wake.

"I just pray," noted one neighbor. "I hate that things go on here."