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Oklahoma educator to receive national accolades previously bestowed on Elvis Presley, JFK and Bill Clinton

LANGSTON, Okla. – Dr. Melissa Brevetti does everything from teaching P.E. classes to homeless children to giving piano lessons.

Dr. Brevetti holds the title of Director of Accreditation for Langston University.

But it’s her lessons on morals and ethics that’s getting her recognized nationally.


“They said you are chosen as 2016, and I started crying and then I took a picture of it with my iPhone and I sent it to my parents and my friends and said I cannot believe this,” Dr. Melissa Brevetti said.

Brevetti is headed to Detroit next Thursday to be one of “10 Outstanding Young Americans,” an award given by the United States Junior Chamber.

It’s a big deal.

Elvis Presley received the same award in 1971.

It was considered his most treasured award.

Bill Clinton, John F. Kennedy and Dick Cheney have also been given the honor.

“I think what she’s been able to accomplish in moral education has been really phenomenal, so I’m very proud of her,” Marsha Herron, Chair of Education and Professional Programs at Langston University, said.


But Brevetti feels like she’s just doing what any other educator would by imparting knowledge back to the community, especially those less fortunate.

She even wrote an international book – “Quest For A Moral Compass.

“This is a disadvantaged population that really needs people who are compassionate and will keep high standards for them,” she said.

She does so by having a positive attitude.

“I always think kindness is a ripple effect, so just being kind to one person means they can be kind to lots of people,” Brevetti said.

Brevetti is scheduled to receive her award Thursday. There’s word President Obama will be there.