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Scientists: Creating babies without eggs may be possible

file of baby

Fertility is an issue for many couples across the globe, but scientists say a new development may give hope to some of those couples in the future.

According to the Nature Communications, scientists have created healthy baby mice, and it all started with an unfertilized egg.

Scientists say they used chemicals to trick the unfertilized egg into becoming a pseudo-embryo and injected it with a sperm.

In the experiments, the odds of achieving a successful pregnancy were 25 percent.

According to the Telegraph, even though the experiments began with an egg, they do not believe an egg is necessarily required. Instead, they theorize that almost any cell in the body could produce offspring once it has half the chromosomes removed and is combined with a sperm.

“This is the first time that anyone has been able to show that anything other than an egg can combine with a sperm in this way to give rise to offspring,” Dr. Tony Perry told BBC News.

Experts say there is still a lot more testing that needs to be done, but this development may eventually become another option for infertile couples.